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US Blanks 602A 4 mm unidirectional PLY stringer. Shaper’s Comments: This is my version of the previous 6’2’C fish blank. I designed this one as to be able to easily net a 6’2″ by the bottom measurement. Bottom rocker is a shorter version of the natural rocker of the 6’9’A I made in 2002. This blank can be ordered wider or narrower as to allow for stronger decks/rails near the perimeter of the board outline, and less waste.

Introduced: July 2006
Overall Bottom Length:74 15/16″ (190.34 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length:74 1/4″ (188.44 cm)
Max. Width: 23 11/16″ (60.01 cm)
Max. Thickness: 2 15/16″ (7.46
Displacement: 2.002 cu ft (56.70 litres)
Available Rockers: Natural -3/8″N
-3/8″N12 +3/8″T12
Designed by: Pat Rawson

US Blanks – the world’s best selling surfboard foam – without question the strongest, most accurate, most user friendly foam on the market. Surfboards made with US Blanks have the best surfing feel according to all research. The stringers are straight, clean and easy to plane. The foam cleans up so well. The plugs are from the best shapers, bar none. Plus you get custom rockers, coloured foam, coloured glues, a huge range to choice from, and total respect! We’ve seen foam companies come and go – this is the foam from which all our production is produced. We recommend (and guarantee) every blank we sell.


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  • US Blanks 6’2″A Pat Rawson designed with our stock 4 mm unidirectional PLY stringer. Introduced: July 2006Overall Bottom Length:74 15/16″ (190.34 cm)Tip-to-tip Deck Length:74 1/4″ (188.44 cm)Max. Width: 23 11/16″ (60.01 cm)Max. Thickness: 2 15/16″ (7.46Displacement: 2.002 cu ft (56.70 litres)Available Rockers: Natural -3/8″N-3/8″N12 +3/8″T12Designed by: Pat Rawson


    Contatteteci per avere il vostro USblank Custom. Potrete scegliere tra circa 30 combinazioni di Stringer, 6 densità per il PU e 2 per EPS, modificare il profilo rocker rispetto al Natural Rocker, e scegliere il colore del foam.  Consultate il catalogo USBLANKS e contatteci in privato per il vostro Blank Custom.

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